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Text translation services could be required in any forms. Even if you have Translator in your staff schedule, you could face with necessity to use services of professional translation companies, while working with big projects or facing with documents on unknown to Translator language. During our Company activity we have successfully completed a lot of projects in different spheres. It has become possible due to great amount of professionals working with Western Group – both Translators and other specialists knowing foreign languages.

We are attentive to our partners’ necessities. Secondary orders and secondary Clients are not present in our Company. We are always ready to provide assistance weather it text translation, urgent verbal interpretation or any other translation services.

Kazakhstan access to the international level gives possibility for cooperation and communication between Kazakh and foreign Companies in any spheres of activity, gives possibility to increase efficiency, your Company social status, encourage income growth. But sometimes language barrier becomes a big challenge for cooperation. And then the Western Group Company becomes your  right hand.

We provide services on:

  1. Documents translation on more then 10 world languages. We perform simple and complicated translations. Namely – equipment technical documentation, HSE documents, patent translation, translation of constituent documents, business-pans, investment projects, different kind of instructions and Agreements and other documents.
  2. Linguistic support of corporative Clients and physical persons (consecutive interpretation and synchronous translation). We synchronize seminars, trainings, take part in different negotiations, round tables – it’s very difficult to enumerate all.
  3. Translators’ signature notary certification, documents legalization apostilization

In addition to translation, Western Group carries out associated works related to documents legalization, apostilization, notary certification, prepress activities, replication.

Translation Services Price-list

ATTENTION ! Below given pricing could be varying depending from test difficulty and order urgent execution. Discount under great quantity on the basis of parties agreement. As per Client desire, the invoices could be submitted without VAT, at that the rate will be reduced for minimum 12-15%

Languages Price without VAT, KZT
Business subjects
Technical texts

English\Russian 1900
English \ Kazakh 2400
German \ Russian
French \ Russian
Italian \ Russian
Portugal \ Russian
Uzbek \ Russian
Poland \ Russian
Other languages – when required
on request
Passport translation with translator signature notarization 2200
Documents written translation in PowerPoint, MO Visio, pdf. Formats having charts/diagrams   and graphics, etc are prices per hours, pages or as per agreement with the Client -
AutoCAD (Russian-English only), per one drawing 1900
Verbal translation : English-Russian, (negotiations, training courses, business meetings, etc) without leaving Atyrau city, 1 hour From 5000

Other services:

Description Description MU, KZT
Translator signature notarization, 1 document 3000
Document witnessing, translated by the Client, by translator signature,1 document 1000
Document copies notarization, 1 page 700
Documents revising, 1 hour Rate * 1,5

IMPORTANT! 1 page cost calculation is as follows: 1800 printed characters without white-spaces as per MS Word statistic.

Translation of less than half of page (900 printed characters without white-spaces) is paid as for page half. ATTENTION ! Above gives pricings could vary depending on text difficulties and order performance urgency.

Extra charges for urgency – 30%.

Discount under great quantities – on the basis of parties agreement.

5 Azattyk Ave., office 8A, 060002, Atyrau city, Republic of Kazakhstan
+7 7122 30-97-44 (tel/fax), +7 701 738 94 69 (mobile)
office@westerngroup.kz – Translation Department