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Any enterprise successive activity or business, in many ways, depends from literate legal support. Consequently, literate and timely legal consultation receiving against any important project or transaction realization is the recognisance of its successful actualization.

Our Western Group Company is definitely specialized in the sphere of legal services in which it’s the most competent.

Our key scopes:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Representation in courts
  • Support of real estate transactions
  • Customs legislation
  • Labor and immigration legislation
  • Licensing, permits
  • Divorce process, including the cases where citizens of different countries participate.

We provide the following services:

1. Companies registration/re-registration, introduction of amendments into constituent documents and their registration in authorized bodies.

Company registration of any form of legal entity's incorporation (including registration of LLP, JSC, non-commercial organizations, etc) comprise of several stages. That's why, the persons who are not profess in the Companies' registration can waste lots of time and meet problems as current legislation knowledge is required to literately compile and prepare constituent and other required documents to register the Company.

It is better to appeal to legal company, specializing in Companies registration, for the services to register the Company to avoid stresses connected with wasting of time in long lines spending to the officials offices.

Our company has wide and success experience providing of legal services, connected with Companies' registration and re-registration, including the following:

  • registration of JSC, business partnerships, non-commercial organizations and other companies;
  • Registration of amendments in Company's constituent documents and amendments not connecting with re-registration;
  • JSC, partnerships, non-commercial organizations and other companies restructuring;
  • Company liquidation (we propose some alternatives of liquidation among which you will choose the most attractive to you).

2. Professional Activity Licensing Assistance

Different licensees and permit documents receiving is connected with compiling of different types of documents and materials according to current legislation standards.

In cases, when you need licensee on any type of activities or works, you could refer to us. Any licensee could be received if experienced lawyers are tackling the problem. We know how to do it and ready to render qualified assistance.

3. Transactions and Activities Legal Support. Consultations, representation in national bodies and courts;

Legal support includes timely company consultation on legal issues as well as Contracts, Memo Orders and other documents compilation and expertise, and, of course, making conclusions on legal problems. Besides, within the frames of such service rendering, as legal support, our lawyers render assistance under governmental bodies' examination (intricate situations clearance with custom bodies, labor authorities and other governmental agencies), as well as we perform conclusions, acts and separate actions of controlling governmental authorities in court, as appropriate.

Companies' legal support includes activity with Company debtors. In this case the Company aims to reveal Company's debtors, structuring and further debtor indebtedness recovery, in cases the debt is not recovered by debtor - apply to the court. Company services include representation in the court - conduct Company's business in all arbitrazh court's authorities and courts of general jurisdiction, court enforcement proceedings support, Company's constituent documents literate maintenance as well as other services.

4. HR work (Labor Agreements, Memo Orders, Logs, Staff Schedules, HR Audits drafting, etc)

We propose complex of services on and HR issues solving adjustment, and enterprise HR recording, HR records management and documents support. We shall assist in organization of effective and convenient system of HR documents custody; prepare documents which terms of validity are expired for departmental, governmental or municipal archiving. Our specialists are in position to restore HR recording and document management of any complexity as well as organize HR recording and document management in the newly developed organization "ab initio". As well as we give recommendations on documents recovery, corrections implementation into the documents, other procedures of HR records keeping.

5. Visa support

The Company will as quickly as possible and ably assists you to realize your plans on visas procurement and receiving. We shall submit to you detailed information on your rout of interest, assist in package of documents compilation in order to receive visa.

6. Compilation of Reports for Labor and Population Social Protection Department and other Authorized Bodies

Quarterly and Annual Reports submission for the Company is one of those period when employees need to abstract from company main activities in order to prepare Reports. The Company renders services on Quarterly and Annual Reports compilation and submission. Specialization in the sphere of such kind of services rendering, monitoring of legislation changes by legal experts of our Company is the affection of your reports submission.

7. Due diligence

Due diligence - complex checkout, which main aim is to reduce risks under investments, transactions merger and accession. Due diligence is the important procedure which gives possibility to assess appropriately business of interest and reach proper decision to purchase business and make investments to company.

To whom such service is required:

  1. To investors, interested in investing into liquid assets;
  2. To businessmen who want to increase their share of participation on the market on the account on asset or its part purchasing;
  3. To Companies which want to distribute information about their assets parts purchasing to attract investments into their projects.
  4. Our specialists will promptly, thoroughly and carefully study all the economic and legal risks of future transactions within the shortest terms.

Our specialists will ASAP promptly, thoroughly and accurately investigate all economic and legal risks of the future transaction.

Our Last Year Major Projects:

  1. Air carrier interests representing against custom bodies due to illegal initiation of criminal case in respect of Company Director and request to pay 35 mln.KZT of unjustified fine.
  2. Foreign legal entity interests protection (recruiting activity) in civil process, branch Head interests presentation in crime process. Claimants - branch employees.
  3. Due diligence to Kazakh legal person as per foreign investor order. Purpose - LLP activity assessment, risks, responsibility, HR and Contracts activities condition, property availability.
  4. Foreign legal entity branches interests protection in administrative process as per expatriate employee illegal involvement.
  5. Conducting of case in economic court on behalf of large Italian Company on debt recovery from foreign Company Kazakhstan branch.
  6. Legal support and activity licensing of large Kazakhstan Company with foreign participation.
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